The Nimitz-Class

DCS Looks to be ushering in a new age of Carrier giga-dominance with their continued development of this family of ship, so with that thought i believe it pertinent to write a small, brief post outlining the Nimitz-class and capabilities for those wishing to learn more. The Nimitz-Class is a family of 10 Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carriers of the United States Navy, Commissioned in May 1975 at a cost of approximately $8.5 Billion USD per ship. They are no small matter of engineering! Boasting 2 x Westinghouse A4W Pressurized water reactors producing around 260,000 Shaft horsepower, they push these monsters along at 30+ knots Maximum speed. With an overall length of 1,092ft (differing slightly between certain CV's) and an overall beam of 252ft, this provides a huge area for both storage and operations of Aircraft up to it's max compliment of 90 mixed fixed-wing and rotary-wing assets, though they can store 130 x F/A-18 if only carrying this single type. Players who purchase the module will be able to operate from it as per usual. Those who don't own it can see it, but won't be able to hook up to the Catapult or trap on her, but you might get lucky in a strong headwind! The Module will also come with fully animated deck crew, this means Catapult and arresting gear crews, Landing Signal Officers and Aircraft handlers among many others.

ED has spoke on it's website saying that they are "Creating the most accurate and detailed carrier model ever created for a flight simulation. This is not simply an update to the existing John C. Stennis aircraft carrier that we released last year, but rather a new object that is built from the ground up with accurate dimensions, high-resolution mesh and textures; animations for the elevators, antennas, defense systems, launch officer bubble, risers, catapults, jet blast deflectors, and more". Find out 'more' Here "Supercarrier" Showcase Video

More Nimitz Propagandist Specifications: Propulsion: 2 x Westinghouse A4W Nuclear Reactors, 4 Steam Turbines driving 4 Shafts Displacement: 103,000t Range: Unlimited Distance, 20-25 years duration Crew: 6,012 (558 Officers, 5,434 Enlisted inc Airwing) Armament: RIM-7 Sea Sparrow & Phalanx CIWS (+Tomcat, Baby!) Catapults: 2 x Bow Cats, 2 x Waist Cats Other: Anti-Sub, Electronic-Warfare & Airborne Early Warning capability from Embarked Assets

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