RAZBAM Sea Harrier FRS.1

The FRS.1 (Fighter, Reconnaissance, Strike) was a Carrier-based Sub-sonic interceptor which quickly became the Gem of the Falklands war. Equipped with the Ferranti Blue Fox Radar system which was a Multi-role Radar with a secondary surface search and strike mode it managed to down 4 Argentinian Aircraft, another 19 air kills were provided by a combination of visual acquisition and aid from surface radar systems, giving the FRS.1 a Kill Ratio of 23:0 in Air to Air Combat. 6 Harriers were lost due to Ground-based weapons systems when doing high risk tasking such as CAS/SEAD. Powered by a single Rolls-Royce Pegasus twin-spool Turbofan producing 23,800 lbf of Thrust the FRS.1 definitely has the horses required of a respectable interceptor. On top of this a payload of 8,000lb (3,600kg) ensures it packs a punch with a wide range of both A2A and A2G Munitions. AIM-9 Sidewinder, ALARM ARM, MATRA w/68mm SNEB Rockets and the Sea Eagle are just a sniff of what it can carry to Trade. Now we're all up to speed, let's sit back, relax, and watch this thing develop!

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