RAZBAM South Atlantic Terrain Project

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

The Falkland islands are an atypical Atlantic Archipelago 300 miles off the coast of Argentina. In 1982 these Islands were Host to one of the most overlooked conflicts of the 20th Century, The Dispute over the Islands Sovereignty went hot with the Argentinians successfully invading and occupying the Islands. The British responded with a 43-Vessel Naval task force including two Invincible-class Aircraft Carriers (HMS Hermes, HMS Invincible) During the un-declared war intense fighting occurred on mountain peaks and valley floors as well as in the skies above the freezing tundra of the Isles. Aircraft from both sides flying on their attack runs barely 30 feet off the Deck in order to gain a shred of protection from small arms and anti-aircraft missile systems. Large scale conventional infantry engagements took place which resulted in 2 VC's and lasted from day 1 to day 74 of the conflict. The 10-week battle saw The Harrier FRS.1 pitted against Douglas A-4B's, C's and Q's as well as the Dassault Super Étendard which carried the dreaded AM39 Exocet. All of the above makes a recipe for an outstanding virtual simulation of this conflict to take place and for RAZBAM to take on not only the production of Terrain, but the development of many many assets involved is just outstanding. We eagerly look forward to the release and hope it all passes the ED licensing process as i believe this will be a real string to DCS's ever increasing bow. I am foaming at the bit to get my hands on this. Good on ya RAZBAM! Find out more at

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