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DCSNZA 2020 Retrospective


Dave "Bio" Baranek Event

April 18th 2020

DCSNZA was elated to host Ret. USN Commander Dave "Bio" Baranek, ex-Top gun instructor and former C.O of VF-211 'Fighting Checkmates' in a world first by having him ride along with us in Heatblur's F-14B Tomcat DCS Module.

The event started with a brief from Bio on RIO duties and crew coordination within the F-14, before getting in the pit and having Bio facilitate a cockpit 
wipe-out giving us information on vital panels and systems within the RIO position and any other information of note for the role.

The Flight then shot off the boat and vectored to the tanker, all the while Bio telling the viewer pertinent information for the current task. Grab your beer!

Post-tank we then flew to intercept 2 x bogeys which ended in a merge and swift execution of the task at hand.

At the end of the event we held a Q&A with Bio with a mixed bag of questions from the DCSNZA community.

This was a fantastic experience to have and DCSNZA is absolutely blown away to have been able to work with Bio and share in some Tomcat love! He's such a nice guy and a very cool cat to work with. From our community to you, thank you Dave.

We are eagerly awaiting the release of his new book "Tomcat Rio: A Topgun Instructor on the F-14 Tomcat and the Heroic Naval Aviators Who Flew It" to get more of the rich knowledge and experience Dave has to offer. Pre-order available here.

For more information on Bio and some great stories of his life as well as where to purchase Bio's other books (thoroughly recommended), visit his website! http://www.topgunbio.com/


DCSNZA Pub Crawl 2020 - Persian Gulf (Rated R)

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